Baby #2: 21 week update

  Over half way cooked is baby #2. I haven't done a pregnancy post since 14 weeks, which you can read here. I didn't want to go over the same things too often. So first thing is first, we had a private gender scan done at 16 weeks as we were even more eager to know …

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It’s happening again!

It happened again. I disappeared. But this time the reason is a positive one. As many of you know I am a stay at home mother to an utterly attitude filled adorable 21 month old daughter, often referred to here as B. All that is about to change as once April 2017 rolls around - we …

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Journey to Motherhood.

April 2014 in the toilet of my workplace, a positive pregnancy test in my hand.  I had a thousand thoughts running through my head (cliche I know)... but I was happy.  I wasn't sure how the next nine months of life would unfold but  I did know that a little human currently setting up camp …

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