February 2019 Goals.

The start of a new month. The posts on goals, aims and completion lists for tracking progress during February are rolling in thick & fast. These type of posts are the ones I love to read. It's nice to get into the mind of someone else, and see what they are aiming for. It can …

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7 things you may not know about Bonfire Night.

Last month, I did a fun themed post. I researched a little bit about Halloween and where our traditions came from, if your interested you can have a read here. It was received really well, and led to me being asked to do a Bonfire related one if I had the chance. Heard and noted, loud …

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Goals of November.

November has arrived. 2016 is just speeding by. October was a month of mixed emotions and events for me. I had some downs and tears but some great moments and memories too (finding out the gender of baby #2 especially made October special). On the blogging front I achieved some small milestones that made me especially …

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Sunshine Blogger Award: My answers and nominations.

Isn't it wonderful when someone thinks of you? Whether that's thinking of you and giving you a phone call, popping in for a nice cup of tea or even surprising you a bunch of flowers randomly. We all like being thought about. Even more so in the blogging community. So I was absolutely delighted that …

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7 times Disney drove me mad.

Right off the bat I'll admit it. I love Disney (everyone does right?). But sometimes when watching these good for your soul, heart warming films  - you just stop for a minute and think 'well that's stupid'. Now I'm probably not the first person or the last person to notice these annoying plots lines but since my …

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8 things I wish I’d known when starting blogging.

Blogging. It's a roller coaster of a journey that none of us expect to go on and definitely don't except to learn so much on. I for one had no idea how vast the world of blogging is. I came into fairly under educated and with no goals. But after blogging for almost a year …

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