Is being disorganised the new organised?

From an earlier age you always hear people set there lives goals. How old do they want to get married? What's there ideal job? How many children do they want? You might say you subliminally have your 'ideal' life organised. Me? Hands down  I thought I'd get married at 26, children at 30 and be …

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Journey to Motherhood.

April 2014 in the toilet of my workplace, a positive pregnancy test in my hand.  I had a thousand thoughts running through my head (cliche I know)... but I was happy.  I wasn't sure how the next nine months of life would unfold but  I did know that a little human currently setting up camp …

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Hi there.

So today I woke up. I know this is hardly breaking news but today I woke up. Life can deal a terrible set of cards at times and my goodness I've had my fair share of folds, but today I woke up and thought... I have health, I have a beautiful daughter and things could be …

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