To Blog = To share, to connect, to inspire, to create.

A mum of 2 girls under the ages of 4. A married women to her childhood sweetheart. The proud pet owner of 2 fluffy, yet utterly crazy cats. These are just some of the lines that could link and describe me, and some of the things that might feature within this blog.

But I am more than that. I’m a mid-twenties, quarter of a century experienced life warrior, using a blog to unload, to inform and to be truly at one with my thoughts. My blog isn’t a set niche. I blog about what I feel passionate about at that time. From cooking recipes to feed my tribe, to the weather and how it makes me feel, keeping note of precious milestones, ranging to a rambling about mental health. Like me, this blog isn’t restricted to be something it’s ‘meant’ to be. It’s here to tell a story, to reach out to others and to help me be me in times I struggle.

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