The Parenting Post: Book of The Week.

I’ve not done a parenting post in a long time. My last semi-parenting post being my second pregnant update which you can read here, but that pregnancy is now a 23 month old toddler. Honestly, the reason being there are so many great, established ones out there I struggled to find something to write about that’s my own kind of thing. I see myself comparing an unhealthy amount when I do a parenting post. ‘They have much more money than me, their house is so much nicer, they take their children to much more interesting places. It drove me mad and needed to take a back seat. Being a parent and a blogger at times can leave you writing content for contents sake, loosing the passion and leaving you a little mentally blog confused. BUT it’s back. After realising that every blogger compares themselves at some point, and that this is my blog; I can choose what and when I post on certain areas. So here goes, in the form of books. Perfect.

Every Friday my 4yo chooses a book at pre-school to bring home for the week, to read and share with us. I thought this would be the perfect time to bring parenting back to my blog. I think reading is so so important and I love books. It’s something I hope to pass onto my children. Letting imagination run wild, sit as a family and read a story, then listen to how my little ones mind interprets and takes in certain aspects of the story. So here goes.

This week’s weapon of choice, Clarice Bean That’s Me by Lauren Child. Can I just note I love how the reviews are written, really creative and even 4 notices ‘the words are like they are coming down the stairs’.

First off upon opening the book, it’s full of colourful busy illustrations and words splattered everywhere. Great for a child to look at and really get a story of their formed within their amazing minds. Straight away 4 wanted to know who’s that, why are sat there, why is there so many people. It was a fun first busy to have allowing imaginations to run wild.

The story itself is so humorous and all about living in a house that is so full on, loud and hectic. Following many family members on where they go to seek some peace and quiet. I particular chuckled at when Dad escapes to work for some peace and quiet, how Mum has a bath with candles that smell (literally me) and how the big sister just did not let little Clarice Bean into her room (despite Clarice asking why a bizillion types, again relatable). 4 on the other hand thought the big sister was rude for not letting her little sister into her bedroom, side-note I’ll remember that when she’s forbidding her own little sister from stomping into her bedroom.

The book itself is a touch long for a preschooler (– pages), but she chose it herself to read so the front cover obviously has an appealing aspect for her. The touch of a longer length doesn’t bother me or my little one as reading is a passion we do share. Besides, the story takes you off on a great relatable adventure as a parent.

I actually didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did to be quite honest. 4 enjoyed it, she recited her favourite parts back to me when we had finished. I continued to discuss the story and asked her questions about different scenarios within the book to see how much she was able to retain and remember with it being such a busy book and she did pretty well at remembering the answers to what I asked.

Overall we had a great time reading, relating and reflecting on this book. It was a great choice by 4 to choose and I can’t wait to see what our next adventure will be about.

Do you read with your children? Do you believe reading from a young age is beneficial?

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