February 2019 Goals.

The start of a new month. The posts on goals, aims and completion lists for tracking progress during February are rolling in thick & fast. These type of posts are the ones I love to read. It’s nice to get into the mind of someone else, and see what they are aiming for. It can give you some much needed inspiration and flip your own thoughts on their head.

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January 2019 started well for me. Well in terms of positive energy and good vibes flowing, (catch up on what I aimed for starting to complete during the coming year here). But something went downhill. Maybe it is the fact January has 1,876,954 days (I don’t feel this is an exaggeration) and mixed with the agonising come down from the festive month and bubble we all seem to live in. Anyway, I’m taking the bull by the horns and setting some productive life goals and blogging goals to focus on in the upcoming weeks and hopefully get myself feeling more focused and normal again!

Blog Goals

  • To blog consistently twice a week.
  • To look into going self-hosted, not necessarily making the leap yet but getting all the information and advice (share any posts in comments if you have any).
  • To reach 2000 on Twitter. Currently standing at 1,443 it would be great if anyone could pop on over and give me a quick follow.
  • To try and reach 400 views within the month – my blog is struggling with views at the moment, this doesn’t really bother me as I let go on chasing numbers a long time ago. But it would be nice if I got some views to reflect my commitment through February.

Life Goals for February 

  • To start a book (struggling to select one that grabs my attention enough to start, recommendations appreciated)
  • To cook one new recipe a week
  • To start to do a ‘book of the week‘ with my two daughters to start expanding their discussions of books (new blog post pending!)

There we have it. I don’t think there is anything ambitious, if I stick to working hard and trying to remain focused I should cross these off. After a really down in the dumps January, it would be nice if February ended with me feeling more relaxed and positive.

What are your goals for February 2019? What do you hope to achieve before the month is out?

16 thoughts on “February 2019 Goals.

  1. gmsmith1980

    Great goals! I kind of got sidetracked in January as well, because we had 2 weeks of sickness, every time one kid got better, another got sick and they seemed to keep passing things around. So I did reach a couple of my goals, but the others were continued into February. You can read my goals here: https://smithlifestyleblog.com/jan-2019-review-feb-2019-goals/
    Good luck, you can reach your goals! If I can help in any way, just let me know!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wishing you lots of luck with all your goals this month lovely! I hope you manage to find an amazing book that pulls you in and keeps hold of you! There’s no better feeling than not wanting to put a book down! I know a goal of yours is too write twice a week but dont feel pressured or unhappy if you don’t manage too! You have a busy life and we’ll all still be here ready to read your posts when you do post! I struggled with this but when i realised that i have a million and one things going on, i realised that sometimes its okay to put blogging to one side and focus on other things!xx


    1. Mrs Nuttall Says

      Oh definitely. What wonderful words of advice and encouragement. Just what I needed today with a potentially stressful day tomorrow! Thank you so much 💕


  3. roadtoadebtfreeme

    Hi there!

    Great goals and definitely ‘do-able’ for sure!

    My new site works with SiteGround (I can tweet you my aff link if you like! 😜)

    I already follow you on twitter hence finding this here! 🙂

    My goals are to reach 200 followers and to have written another 5 posts on my new blog! Hope to welcome you along to those too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. sundaymorningwithsandy.com

    I wish you so much luck with your goals! I have to admit that I try to make goals because when you do, supposedly you have a greater chance at following through. I think I am a lost cause and don’t know if anything works for me! I try so hard, but no matter what, I fly by the seat of my pants. I really have to stop that … I hope you fulfill yours and am rooting for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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