7 things you may not know about Bonfire Night.

Last month, I did a fun themed post. I researched a little bit about Halloween and where our traditions came from, if your interested you can have a read here. It was received really well, and led to me being asked to do a Bonfire related one if I had the chance. Heard and noted, loud and clear. Again like my previous fun fact post, I don’t claim that these are the absolute truth or facts, it’s just a bit of fun and trivia to discuss. So let’s dive in and get some fun facts about why we ‘remember remember the 5th of November’:

firework display and title text

  1. 36 barrels of gunpowder were to be used during the attempt to blow up Parliament. Some say this would be plenty, whereas others argue that the gunpowder was too old and wouldn’t have exploded as expected.
  2. An anonymous letter was sent to a baron, telling him to avoid the House of Lords on 5th November. This letter was made public and led to the search and discovery of the Gun Powder Plot.
  3. Guy Fawkes was arrested whilst guarding the gun powder (which was hidden under wood and coal) underneath Parliament. Talk about being caught red handed.
  4. The plot aimed to kill the protestant King James I, and replace him with a catholic Queen.
  5. Guy Fawkes was 35 years old and not the ring leader of the plot. He was tortured in the Tower of London until he revealed the names of his other conspirators. Though, they were all due to be executed, Fawkes jumped from the hangman’s scaffolding and broke his neck.
  6. Firework celebrations were allowed with permission of King James I, to celebrate his survival.
  7. The cellar where the plot took place no longer exists as it was destroyed in a fire in 1834.

I found some of them really interesting, I never knew that Guy Fawkes wasn’t the ring leader. If you aren’t familiar with Bonfire Night/Firework Day then check out this article by BBC Newsround to get some what informed with a piece of British history.

Did you know any of these fun facts? Do you have any fun facts of your own about Bonfire Night? Do you have any traditions you follow?

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