Review: Bahlsen PiCK UP! Minis

Recently, I was contacted to see if I would be interested in reviewing Bahlsens’ new product ‘PiCK UP! Minis’. Being a lover of food, little snacks in general and being almost 18 weeks pregnant with baby #2 – I obviously excitedly agreed.

Whilst waiting for products to arrive I did a little light researching into Bahlsen as a company. Bahlsen are a biscuit company and the largest family-run biscuit company in the world, which is pretty impressive on it’s own. They have been producing for over 125 years (again wow!) and are the market leader for cakes and biscuits in Germany. Balshen’s products are exported to over 80 countries and the annual turnover of the company is in excess of £400 million, who know biscuits could make so much money. The UTZ logo on Bahlsen’s packaging represents the company’s commitment to responsibly manage it’s natural resources, commitment to sustainable cocoa farming and shows that Bahlsen takes the responsibility towards nature and society extremely seriously.

Packets of Bahlsen PiCK UP! Minis with title over

Anyway, with the serious background research over with, on to the fun part…biscuits. We received two new flavours of PiCK UP! Mini’s, which launched in August – Choco and Milk being one, and classic Milk Chocolate. Straight away the bright and colourful packaging appealed to my daughter, she was desperate to see what was lurking inside. A single pack contains ten individually wrapped biscuits, which is a perfect amount if you ask me (well with only having the one child I thought so).

Upon arrival of the biscuits, we all wanted to have a quick taste. First – the milk chocolate option. Now my other half has a sweet tooth and with looking at the chocolate filling inside the two crisp butter biscuit slabs, he 100% thought it wouldn’t hit his sweet spot…but he was wrong. The milk chocolate option, has just enough sweetness and chocolatey flavour to satisfy that sweet tooth, and the crunch of the biscuit stops it from being too sweet and overbearing. I see myself as more of a savoury person than a sweet, I’m one of those that will leave half the chocolate because it’s just too much for me to eat in one go, but I could easily sit and nibble the milk chocolate flavour of biscuit with it being a snack size too it’s perfect. And as warned, they are very moreish. The other flavour, Choco and Milk, is also really tasty. I initially thought it might taste a bit like a breakfast bar and a bit bland but it’s actually surprisingly yummy. It reminded me of a Milky Way Crispy Roll a little bit.

These little biscuits are perfect to pop on a lunch plate when having a little snack lunch dinner, or even perfect to satisfy that sweet craving between meals. I think they are a great little product. You can purchase PiCK UP! Minis at Tesco, Waitrose, Costcutter and Palmer and Harvey for the cheap and cheerful price of £1.29. My only little downfall with these biscuits, is with having a 2 year old, they are a little tough for her to enjoy but that being said it didn’t stop her from having a good old nibble, and it’s definitely something different for her to have with her lunch once in a while.

Have you tried PiCK UP! Minis? Have you had any other Bahlsen products? 

All opinions and comments about this product are my own. I received two free sample packs in exchange for my review. Check out Balhsen for more information here.
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