Baby #2: Week 14 Update

I can’t possibly believe I am sat here writing the 14 week update for baby number 2. How blessed I am! Technically I’m 15 weeks now but I haven’t done a pregnancy post yet, so this will basically be a quick run through of things so far.

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How I felt finding out I was pregnant?

I cried. Well if you can actually call it crying. It was more two tears. My hub to be was in work, we had been trying (only the first month in too) so I kind of knew there was a chance of a positive result. But when I did the test and saw those two little lines. I won’t lie. I was overwhelmed. Straight away my mind ran to my little girl B, who at this point was tucked up in bed enjoying a lengthy, needed nap. To be honest I think I cried because she wouldn’t be my only baby anymore. My love for her is so strong, I couldn’t imagine feeling that about anyone else. I couldn’t imagine my life with another child. But I’ve read and heard this is all very natural and a completely normal reaction. That’s not to say I was sad. I very much want another baby, but in that first moment’s reaction, I guess it felt surreal. Dream like almost. Life was going to change massively again.

How I’m Feeling Now?

The ‘having two baby jitters’ as I refer to it, has very much passed. I am very much excited, blessed, blissful and eager to have my family of four. From around week 7 to 12, I suffered with the dreaded unpleasant pregnancy nausea. Although I’ve never been sick which is brilliant – it did cause me to be off food and loose some weight, (sidenote: really upset about this I had just started to put on some weight pre-pregnancy..I know I’m one of those annoying people who want to gain weight not loose it). I really couldn’t face meals. I’d just pick every now and again, and even then it wasn’t a brilliant amount or food for that matter. Crisps were my friends. Luckily  to end of this phase (fingers crossed) is upon me and although I still have odd days where my appetite is crappy, I’m not feeling that constant motion sickness, hurrah. Again like my first pregnancy, ice pops/cold drinks massively helped me. Oh and dry biscuits. Hub to be wasn’t too impressed with the crumbs in the bed but hey ho.

I had the usual feeling of tiredness, but  actually hasn’t been as bad as first time round. I think that’s because I have B now so I’m constantly tired doing something and don’t have much time to dwell.

My first scan was last week and I was happy to find the midwife put me forward a couple of days meaning my due date is now 5th April 2017. Baby was upside on its head with its legs curled up, (probably taken up yoga to relax from my constant moaning the poor mite), so they weren’t happy with the measurements they had. Meaning we had to wait for 30 minutes, fill my bladder even more (which was not the best feeling) and eat a sugary snack to try and get baby in a different position. Already being a little monkey I see. After 30 minutes and with a bladder about the burst, all the checks were done and we were good to go home. We got our next scan date, which is November (which seems a lifetime away). That’s when we will find out the gender of the baby too. We are far too impatient to wait for a surprise. Plus I like to prepare.  I mean I haven’t even bought anything yet or thought of preparing in anyway. On my first pregnancy I had a box of nappies and a few baby clothes (some given as gifts by family). One noticeable change is my attitude. I’m much more relaxed this time around, I feel.

That’s about it really. I don’t have much else to report. Things have been really smooth and easy up to now (touch wood). The bump is forming nicely too, seems a bit more bloaty than my first pregnancy bump was though – but a baby bump non the less. Hopefully I will have more to talk about on my next update.


How did you find your second pregnancy compared to your first? How long did it take to sink in that your family dynamic was about to change again? 

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13 thoughts on “Baby #2: Week 14 Update

  1. Ah such a special moment in time! That bump will expand pretty quick this time thanks to the ‘muscle memory’ of your tummy! Look forward to hearing more, these series always turn into a baby update so damn quick xxx
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub

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  2. Hi Lex, exciting times for you. And April may seem like a lifetime away at the moment, but you’ll be a family of four before you know it. I hope your sickness disappears totally soon, I remember salted crackers being my friend and the smell of meat cooking being my enemy.

    I am sure you will have plenty to share on your next update. And I look forward to reading it.


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