What do I want for my blog? 

Blogging isn’t something I ‘dreamt’ of doing, it wasn’t an ambition or a life goal. I don’t have a creative bone in my body, witty writers humour or any photography skills to make my blog even remotely professional. If anything it was just something to help me cope, adjust and record my adventures during motherhood. I started Mum is the Word blog back in October 2015 (see awkward first post here) feeling very happy and welcomed into the blogsphere. I had found a passion for something and a hobby (I didn’t know I needed) at the same time. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I had to put my blog on the back burner for a while. I never got the chance to reflect on what I achieved before I took a break so thought I’d cut myself some slack and mull over what I accomplished before my long break in January:


  • Participated in weekly linkies, having personal favourites where I became a regular blogger and reader (even being credited for reading/commenting the post posts a few times) sidenote: I’m a big believer that you will get what you give one day 
  • Bought my own domain, although still through WordPress.com, so not as far as being self-hosted but I am proud of my.com domain
  • Acquired 450 Twitter followers
  • Reached 797 views and 209 comments
  • Featured on mummylala’s page as part of the Stay at Home Crowd (part two) which you can check out here
  • Learnt how to schedule tweets and posts for days when my schedule is full

It wasn’t an impressive amount achieved but still, it’s a start. I’ve read many posts that remind us all (and rightly so as I need the encouragement sometimes) that blogging and the progress many gain doesn’t happen overnight or without effort. So I’m giving myself credit where I feel is due. I achieved something. No matter how small. And reflecting has given me the boost to set some goals for the next few months and hopefully encourage me to grow even more. So here we go, my goals I hope to hit before September:

  • Reach 1,500 Twitter followers
  • Set up a blog series (I will need to brainstorm this some more however) 
  • Reach 50 followers on Pintrest (I have just set this up and really need to do some research as it’s so confusing to me, so I am aiming small, do follow me at MITWblog) 
  • Do at least three posts a week
  • Re-familiarise myself with Instagram and be more active on this
  • Participate in linkies every day, and join ones I aren’t so familiar with
  • Try to do some photography to improve my posts
  • Possibly do a give away 

One of the biggest obstacles I feel I am facing with the blog is trying to understand and figure out the direction to go in and what to blog about. However I do feel hopefully this will come with time; but for now I am going to continue blogging about parenthood, life and whatever is on my mind and more importantly I am going to continue to blog for me. That way, I can  hopefully I can reach my destination and mature my blog with time, love and dedication.

Lots of Love

What goals have you set and what barriers do you face with blogging? Have you any proud achievements? 
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27 thoughts on “What do I want for my blog? 

  1. Well done! I’m afraid I don’t have any set goals. I’m just blogging because I’ve always enjoyed it. Been doing it on and off for over a decade now. I think you’re doing great and the fact that actually have a set of goals to aim for is fab! I really ought to think of something too 🙂 #sharingthebloglove

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  2. I think it’s really hard to blog for your own enjoyment and appreciate what you’ve accomplished when our social media feeds are filled with posts about how to reach more people or work with more brands or get more subscribers. So well done on you for taking a step back and giving yourself some well-deserved credit. My blog is only 3 months old and even though I started it just as a little project to amuse myself, I am feeling more and more pressure to invest more and more time in it, to keep up with everyone else. I am really struggling with that because I love doing it (and I’m competitive) but I need to be self-disciplined and only with on it in the time I have allocated. Sorry that’s a very rambly comment! #brillblogposts #sharingthebloglove

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  3. Some great ideas! I’ve only just begun blogging and I really do need to sit down and think about what I’m hoping to do with my blog and what I want for it. You’ve really inspired me. Thanks so much #brillblogposts

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  4. I often wonder why I am doing this. I started in June and am close to achieving some of the targets I had set myself. Its enough at the moment that it is giving me something to focus on that isnt work or kids. Well done on your achievements so far and good luck with your next set of targets!


  5. Thank you for your post. This is my first proper week of blogging and it has been an absolute eye opener. Still don’t know what I want to achieve from it, but do know that I’m loving writing it and waking my baby brain up! Just get confused by a lot!

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  6. Double the Monkey Business

    A good luck with your goals. I know what you mean about not being sure where you are going with the blog, I feel like that all the time 🙂 xxx


  7. Hey Lex. Well done on your achievements. I’m also being nice to myself and celebrating my milestones blogging however small!!! Every thing is an achievement. So many things about blogging are new to me. I think I’m doing OK on Instagram mainly because people leave nice comments rather than having thousands of followers. Enjoy moving closer to your new goals. Happy to offer any advice on Instagram if you like the look of my page! Lovely coming across your blog on #brillblogposts X Sunita


      1. Hey there. My understanding is that you can’t “transfer” your Twitter followers to Instagram as they’re different social media platforms. So people have to choose to also follow you on Instagram. This means you have to build your following for Instagram from scratch. But the fact you’re on Twitter is a big help as you can mention your new Instagram page on there. You could also do new Twitter follower auto-reply message which reminds people to follow you on Instagram too (a lot of people do this). Always happy to share any blog tips as I’ve helped a few friends recently to set up their blogs and social media platforms. Xx

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  8. I love setting goals for my blog, I find it helps me to keep motivated. I definitely have follower goals and page view goals that I hope to hit. But out of everything I think your last paragraph is so important – blog about what interests and excites you and you’ll find that the direction starts to take shape naturally. I’ve always been an anything and everything kind of blogger, but I’ve found lately that there does feel like there is a bit more of a direction to my writing. I’m never going to be a career blogger, or working with loads of brands and sponsored posts, but I’m writing about things that interest me and that I’m passionate about, and I’m really enjoying that.

    Thanks so much for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove – I really hope we’ll see you back again!

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    1. Definitely agree with everything you said. I find it really hard setting page view goals as it deflates me if I don’t hit them. But I am still pretty much a newbie. Oh I will most definitely be back 🙂 X


  9. I love the idea of setting some blog goals, I could really do with doing this. I think it would help me focus on a few areas each month, instead of trying to do everything every month and not achieving as much as I would like to. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove hope to see you again this week. Laura x


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