Toddler Fashion: B chooses her Outfit of the Day. 

With little B being my first child, I am guilty of buying millions one to many outfits for her to wear. I always pick out two outfits every morning and give her the choice/opportunity to decide which outfit she would like to wear that day. I think doing this makes her feel involved in this daily, normal routine and to also give her a little independence. Now my little B has a date every Saturday with her grandparents, so before I could select two outfits for her to choose from that morning, in she strolls holding an outfit she has chosen herself, along with a huge smile on her face. She was clearly very proud of herself, as I was. B is 19 months old, and I think I have a little Gok Wan in training. So without further ado here’s B’s outfit of the day: 

Dress: Next 

Tights: McKays 

Shoes: Not pictured but Converse 

B went with a beautiful denim dress with a little white bunny rabbit on the front. The rabbit is fluffy as well as nice and soft, B loves to feel the texture of it and will just stroke the rabbit for ages. The shade of blue that the dress is brings out her cute blue eyes, and it’s very light weight and flows beautifully – perfect for all this humid weather. I really like the little lace detail across the top of the dress, I think it adds a really nice touch but keeps it quite simple too. B opted to go for pink tights, which is unusual as she usually chooses socks – she knows she can pull them off when her feet get a but clammy and then force people to smell them. The tights are from McKays and they are quite thick and woollen, but they feel a nice quality and fit really well on the feet. B doesn’t have shoes on in the pictures but we went with baby pink converse, matching her tights and her little pink bow in her hair. With it being B’s first independent outfit choice, I think she made a rather cute and girly choice. I asked her if she liked her dress and she gave it a little hug (well tried to as she was wearing it) – all in all a successful outfit of the day.

How do your children get involved with daily routines? What are some outfits they put together? 

My Petit Canard
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15 thoughts on “Toddler Fashion: B chooses her Outfit of the Day. 

  1. It depends, J is 3YO so sometimes I let him create his concoction (complete with Woolley hat in winter / some kind of cape) or I just let him pick between 2 tshirts. My Mum use to let me pick between two outfits. His imagination is HUGE and so I don’t think I could give him full reign? Mind you – what’s the worst that could happen? 🙂


      1. Haha you know I’ve style his hair since he was about 4mnths because boys don’t get the attention about there looks like girls do. It’s helped his confidence when with others / meeting new people, don’t get me wrong I’m not at all about his appearance but research believes this is why we have awkward teenage boys.


      2. It’s a shame now these perceptions of/with gender come about isn’t it? Everyone needs a boost sometimes, no matter what age and I’m sure your efforts with styling his eye don’t go unnoticed and make him absolutely adorable (I love your research into this though). Everyone is beautiful X

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  2. Oh very cute! Never tried this with my son….kind of scared of the consequences. Plus, selfishly I’d like to continue dressing him as long as I can get away with it 🙂



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