Why blogging has taken a back seat.

Quick update to let you all know I am still here, to apologise for the lack of interaction and hopefully I posting regularly again in the near future. With Christmas happening I’ve been so busy (as everyone is at this time of year), on top of that I have moved into a new house…literally days after Christmas, I know crazy – so I don’t have a spare five minutes to sit and blog.

My little girl B has her first birthday this weekend so I will be blogging next week letting you all know about her progress and her day. But as a sneak preview, she’s walking now, quite confidently too, and touch wood we have cracked self soothing and full nights, but I know babies like to trick us so fingers crossed. It’s also my fiances birthday the week after so as you can imagine, I have my hands well and truly tied at the moment.

I miss reading lots of lovely blogs and visiting my favourite links but with a bit of luck I will be back into the swing of things soon! Oh and thanks for still visiting my blog, even though I haven’t posted, it really has lifted my spirits in these tricky, stressful weeks.


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