Christmas 2015: Our first family Christmas. 

Can you believe Christmas is over with? We build up to it so much and for so long, and in 24 short hours it’s gone in the blink of an eye. But that being said, I had a wonderful first Christmas as a family of three.

My little girl B is one in January so we didn’t want to go overboard on gifts because we knew we’d end up stuck on presents for her birthday. Plus with her being the baby we knew our families would spoil her, meaning no space for anything in our already tiny house (see I am organised). Christmas Eve was magical. We had a full day of Christmas films, festive food and wrapping gifts in the evening. Little B had a nice bubble bath, new Christmas pj’s on and then was tucked up in bed waiting for Santa to deliver her gifts. Unlucky for me, she was awake from half 1 until half 4 due to what I’m putting down to as teething, as she is clearly too young to be too excited…or is she? She was no trouble (and as it was Christmas Eve my mood was much chirpier than usual). We spent that time awake in bed, snuggled up watching The Gruffalo and reading some stories. 8am rolled around and the magic began.

How Santa squeezed down that tiny fireplace I will never know.

We deliberately asked ‘Santa’ to leave B’s gifts where her advent calendar had been. This is a place she had gone to every morning, knowing she will have a treat so when she came down and saw her calendar replaced with gifts, she was eager and curious to know what these things were. B had so much fun ripping the paper, with lots of encouraging cheers from her two overly excited parents of course. She was really happy to find lots of books (she is the biggest bookworm already), toys and jigsaws under all that bright paper. After a fun morning B tucked into a nice egg sandwich watching her favourite programmes, giving mum and dad time to get things organised to spend the day with family.

After all the gift opening, B tucked into Christmas dinner at her Nanna’s house. The house was pretty busy and loud (unusual for her as she is used to our quiet family of three meal times) so she didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought she would plus she wanted a nap. But still, she enjoyed it all the same. She likes to know what’s going on so focuses her attention elsewhere in busy places.

I did give her a plate, I promise. She just disregarded it immediately.

It was a truly wonderful day. I couldn’t dream up a better first Christmas for my little one. She saw everyone in her life who is important to her, got well and truly spoilt and spent the day dancing, eating and giggling. Christmas really is a time for family and now I am a mother, I truly understand the family aspect of Christmas. Oh and sidenote… Dad asked Mum to marry him. So it looks like our perfect family is going to be a complete unit. It was totally unexpected and I really couldn’t be happier. Now I have a first birthday and wedding to plan for.

Hoping everyone had an amazing Christmas. What did you all get up too?


Lovely Things


7 thoughts on “Christmas 2015: Our first family Christmas. 

  1. Oh squee huge congrats on your engagement and I look forward to reading more about it. What a lovely surprise. My daughter was up a lot Christmas eve and Christmas day night so I empathise but it still looks like you had a lovely time. Thanks for linking up to #lovelythings

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