December Drug Store Make Up Favourites.


Usually I don’t post about make up as I see my self in no way qualified to discuss products in depth, but this week I had a splurge small treat and bought myself a nice new outfit, along with some new make up (my make up bag is long overdue some new pieces). It was most definitely a Christmas present to me from me. It is December after all, so it’s allowed surely. I always see my friends uploading beautiful photographs of their flawless faces on Facebook  and Instagram so I set out, bare faced and ready, to find some products that just give my make up bag and myself a well needed little boost.

I’ve already got a full set of make up brushes (impulse buy when I was pregnant as they were on offer online, safe to say I use about three in total) and the odd sponge that I use to apply and blend (oooh get me) my make up. But I picked up a pink latex free blending sponge. I’ve heard absolutely wonderful things about them. If you use different foundations, highlighters and powders like I attempt to do then this product is exceptionally good. The tear drop shaped sponge can easily get all over your face and really blends the make up well. It’s super soft too, which is always a bonus, especially for sensitive skin folk like me. I usually believe that there is no need to buy a product that everyone has just for the ‘trend’, and that you can probably find a cheaper alternative but I really do love this sponge and it does a better job than the sponges I have already (mainly because mine are all falling to pieces), well in terms of blending anyway. It’s definitely worth a purchase if you’re looking to find a new sponge predominantly for blending. I bought the B. Latex Free Blending Sponge from Superdrug at £5.

If you’ve read any beauty blog/magazine, watched any beauty videos or vlog then you know that contouring is 2015’s biggest beauty trick. I’ve had a foundation pallet in the past that I’ve used to contour but could never find a good powder to set my look. Maybelline Master Sculpt in Light/Medium is a surprising little purchase at £6.99. It comes in a compact little case complete with a pocket mirror and a small brush, so it’s great to pop in your handbag. I found that the powders went on really easily and blended nicely together with my foundation. I do wish the highlight section would  be a shade lighter though and a little larger, just to give your look a little more definition and you seem to burn through that stuff more than bronzer.

I do love a good full coverage foundation, and a gentle contour. All I seem to hear about is highlighting highlighting highlighting. This is the technique that is used to really emphasise your cheekbone, cupids brow etc. I purchased this Speedy Highlighters from Collection 2000 for a cheap and cheerful £3.99. I found it does the job lovely, especially if you don’t contour massively or wear make up every single day like me. I like to keep it natural so this product is great to just add a touch of definition to your features in a subtle way. With it being a chubby stick it’s easy to apply and you can blend with your fingers or brush/sponge. I think this is a product that is going to last a while as you do get quite a bit of product in the stick, and for the price you really can’t complain.

I am a big fan of lips, which is strange because I used to be all about a big, bold eye. But now I know that I have quite full lips naturally, I love to give them a little extra attention and make those the ‘statement’ piece if you will. I’m not a big fan of a bold colour though, except for when going out to an event or party, so I was searching and searching for a perfect nude lip. I found this little beauty at £5.49. It’s Rimmel London Long Lasting Lipstick Shade 40 by Kate Moss. It’s got a lovely little coral tint to it and also a tiny little shimmer. I love it. It’s nice and silky, making the application is very smooth. I wore this shade out on Saturday night and it really made me feel lovely and girly. It still looks nice and natural, which I love about this nude lip. It’s a real natural looking product but you can still tell you’ve made a little effort, which is nice.

There you have it. My make up loves for this month. Eeek, I’ve just done a post about make up. Get me!

Lots of Love

Do you use any of the products I have? What do you love to wear?


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6 thoughts on “December Drug Store Make Up Favourites.

  1. Tracey @ One Frazzled Mum

    I’ve got really lazy with my make up recently! I bought a contouring pallet but haven’t used it yet. I really want to get one of the blending sponges too I think they look great #KCACOLS

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