The Ugly Jumper Season 

It’s December, and Christmas is slowly making its way into our homes. I do love a good Christmas film snuggled up on a dull day. 
I am also a sucker for a good Christmas jumper. So far I have a collection of three. All purchased online at Boohoo (who are probably my favourite online shopping sites ever, I wish they would open up a store). 


Our family’s christmas jumpers for 2016

Mum’s jumpers

1. I bought this one last year and it was £20. I love this one so much because I love Elf the film. It’s probably my favourite line out of the film. The jumper itself is a really nice fit. It’s nice and thick and fits nicely around the arms and neck so it’s not too loose or tight. It’s super comfy. I really want a Grinch jumper because that’s my most favourite film so if you know of any being sold – do comment!

2. This is a new purchase. Obviously by the quote on the jumper I am blonde so this appealed to me. They also do brunette too. I am a big fan of quote jumpers but I still wanted it to be Christmas related. I wanted a black one as I’ve already got a red Christmas jumper. Again it’s a lovely fit. I have this in a small and it’s a little shorter than the small size of jumper number 1 but still such a good fit and look! It’s nice and casual. This was £15. 

3. Again, from boohoo. I wanted a jumper I could wear on Christmas Day. Something casual, light in colour but still Christmassy. I saw this and loved it. I love the detailing if the reindeer and how they stand out against the blue. My little girl and boyfriend have piercing blue eyes (I have green) so I wanted soothing that would make there eyes pop when having pictures together. This is such a simple yet elegant jumper I Luke really reccommend. They do this in two other colours too. Again this was £15. 

Dad’s jumpers 

4. Dad is a mega Christmas fan. He knows every word to Home Alone 1&2, along with every single fact. So I would expect nothing less but for him to have a Home Alone quote jumper. We bought our film quote jumpers together last Christmas time. This was £20, but because of how popular this is now you will most probably be able to find this much cheaper now. The jumper itself is a good lovely thick material, but he doesn’t overheat and can wear this comfortably all day. My partner is 6ft3 so this was a worry when ordering from an online site, but it fits lovely! 

Little B’s jumpers

With it being B’s first Christmas I just had to get her a few Christmas jumpers to celebrate the season. I wanted to get her a casual, winter style one that wasn’t too in your face and another that had Christmas written all over it. These are the two (no doubt I will impulse buy more) that I have purchased.

5. This is a lovely, thick and pretty jumper bought from the F&F range at Tesco. Her Dad bought it her but I think it was around the £10 mark. I really love the detailing in this. It has lovely 3D pom pom’s to add to the snowy theme and a lovely polar bear with some glittery detail. I always get asked where I bought this, it’s such a lovely purchase. It’s not that itchy material either so I know B will be comfortable playing and exploring wearing this. 

6. I bought this as her proper Christmassy, in your face its Christmas jumper. It was from Primark and at a cheap and cheerful price. Apparently £1.50 of this jumper will go to the  Text Santa Charity. I love the little reindeer, and I think the beige colour keeps it that little bit casual too. It’s not too thick so it’s really comfortable and good fitting for B. 
I couldn’t write this post without sharing with you my favourite baby buy of the month. Back in October I preordered a Christmas dress for my little darling to wear on Christmas Day. You can buy matching dresses too, so you and your little one match but I really wanted all the attention to be on my Little B alone…and I think it’s a little out there or my own style. But it’s so adorable and cute. Here it is…. My Little B’s Christmas outfit for Christmas Day. 
Do you go all out at Christmas time and buy Christmas jumpers? Do you plan an outfit for your little ones Christmas Day? Leave a comment and let me know or tweet me @mumisthewordblg 

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19 thoughts on “The Ugly Jumper Season 

  1. reimerandruby

    Wow! lovely christmassy jumpers… I bought some Christmas jumpers for the kids already, I got one myself too which I bought on boxing day last year, on sale… but will be wearing it this year. My husband is not too keen on jumpers though. #abitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sara Handy Herbs

    Wow – a lovely range of festive jumpers! We love them too. We have bought so many over the years but I still can’t resist buying another if it catches my eye. We bought the 1 year old one from Next this year which is ridiculous really as they are so expensive! It is very cute though 🙂 #KCACOLS

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Being down here in Australia, the best we can manage are quirky Christmas tees or a hat…not much call for the woolen jumpers. But I do love them so!!! So reminds me of the Bridget Jones movie; I would love a white Christmas one year. #coolmumclub

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bridget Jones! It’s exactly like that…well plus a 10 month old baby and minus the singleton status. I just wouldn’t be able to feel Christmassy without my snug jumper but I do love the sunshine! Thanks for reading xx


  4. agentspitback

    Oh I love the Christmas Jumpers! Big fan of Elf too so #1 would be my favourite. It’s Summer here in Australia, so no jumpers, just Christmas Tee Shirts and shorts. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh what a nice collection of Christmas jumpers!! Last year was the first time that we bought Christmas Jumpers for all of us!! We all took a photo together and it was really cute. We loved it so much that this year we are planning to do the same. I haven’t bought them yet but these are great suggestions. I haven’t heard of that store before so I will have a look. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I’m very happy to have you again this week.


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