Why being a child beats adulthood.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all woken up one day and reality hits us. ‘It’s happened, I’m a fully pledged adult‘. Some of us may have even wept when we realised this, but hey who can blame you? Okay sure, adulthood has some perks. You have your own home, family, career…you can travel anywhere in the world and be served for alcohol…you even have a savings account and a pension (ooh get you!). But after a long stressful day when you just can’t figure out why you wanted to grow up so quickly all those years ago, you can’t tell me you haven’t thought ‘I wish I was a child again‘ or you can’t deny you’ve told a child ‘stay young, don’t grow up too fast, you’ll miss school’ – to which they have probably laughed in your face, but don’t worry, you’ll be the one laughing fifteen years later when they too have this realisation. So with that in mind, I thought I’d take you by some of the reasons why I think childhood is much better than adulthood.


  1. You don’t pay bills: who wouldn’t want a life with no bills? I’d gladly not pay them now, but unfortunately, much to our annoyance, this is in the terms and conditions of being an adult.  I think this is definitely the one thing you always remind children that adults need to do this, followed by the advice of ‘Don’t grow up, stay at home as long as you can before you move out, I was your age once, you don’t now how quickly it goes’. Bills are the bane of any adults life. The days where the only bills you had to pay were when you landed on a property square during a game of Monopoly are fond memories.
  2. You didn’t have to work: okay so you might have a paper round as a child but that doesn’t count. The closest thing to a job in childhood is going to school, but ask any adult and the majority would gladly go back to school days. If fact I know many parents that offer to trade places with their annoyed ‘I can’t believe I have to go to school’ child on a daily basis. School life seems so relaxed and easy compared to the adult life of having a job with deadlines and a boss. This is another thing we constantly remind children, ‘you’ll miss school when it’s over’ we tell them..this is usually followed by hysterical laughter or a ‘I don’t think I will, I want to grow up now’ whilst stomping out of the room kind of response.
  3. You got your meals made for you: surely the best part of childhood right? Coming in from a day at school or a day out with friends asking ‘what’s for tea? or ‘when’s tea ready?’ is a novelty that was definitely underrated as children. As adults we pretend we love spending hours trying to decide what we need to pop on our shopping list for the week, pretend we enjoy walking through supermarkets with your uncooperative children in tow and pretend we live to slave away over the cooker, preparing a beautiful standard Sunday dinner…when really we would go back to the time where you were guaranteed your three meals a day including beverages and snacks, with no stress about it.
  4. You could literally do nothing all day and feel amazing:  adult life is super busy, especially if you have children, a career, pets etc. We dream of days where we can slob on the sofa, watching episodes of our favourite cartoons or movie after movie and not get judged for it. Now as adults, when you do eventually have the time to do nothing (which is literally once a year) it’s tinged by guilt. Surely we have something more productive we should be doing? That pile of laundry does seem to be never ending or maybe we should give the house a deep clean or the fridge really could do with being organised. Even if we do treat ourselves to a lazy day, we will most probably either fall asleep to our disappointment (we have wasted the day!)  or we most probably will lie about what we have been doing when someone asks. We just can’t face the ‘you didn’t move all day except from when needing the bathroom’ judgement. If I’d have known this when I was a teen, I would have definitely stayed in my bed more. lazy-productivity-hacks

We are so quick to get onto the next stage of life, whether that’s a child wanting to go to high school or a new mum wanting to complete the family by getting married – we always seem to look to the future. We are naturally coded to want to get to the ‘what’s next’ part of life. What we don’t remember to do is cherish every moment. As a child it’s especially difficult to do this. We all want to grow up. FACT. But when we have grown up, we then remember how amazing childhood is. It influences us to want to be the most amazing parents, it gives us great memories and nights reminiscing about what used to be but more than anything, it absolutely 100% makes you realise that time goes quickly, so make sure you keep those children of yours wrapped up in cotton wool for as long as possible…before you know it they will be reading this post before they go off to the job they need to pay the rent.


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16 thoughts on “Why being a child beats adulthood.

  1. moderatemum

    I’m really, really annoyed at the amount of time I spent wanted to be a ‘grown up’ when I was a kid. It’s ridiculous because in my fantasies I have long breaks from work, have a personal chef and get driven everywhere…so being a kid then!

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  2. Great post! I so agree with all of these, especially having meals made for you (which I totally under appreciated until I read this post!) and doing nothing all day. If only *sigh*. I’m sure we’d all go back in time if we could and tell ourselves to slow down and relax, I know I would! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

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  3. Brilliant post! It is so true that we are naturally coded to always want ‘the next big thing’ – we never just sit/stand still and truly enjoy ‘now’. Now I’m adult I look back and really am grateful to my mum for letting me be a kid when I was a kid – she never moaned at me for being lazy or messy or demanding and I remember once her telling me that ‘I will have to do the same for my children one day’ when she was running around after the trail of chaos I left behind! Childhood goes by too fast and we really need to make the most of it. I have to say though, I think I prefer being an adult – but do definitely miss those days of no responsibility! Thanks so much for sharing with #KCACOLS. Hope to see you again this Sunday x

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